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Load up...Take Aim... FIRE!

2 Player Setup With Recoil Devices
Gun4IR Or Aimtrak Options
Custom Artwork, T-Molding and Button Colors Schemes
40watts or 120watts Audio System
Bigger Screen? No Problem - Check Out the 43 Inch or a ByVic Cab!

Fully Functioning Coin Door
Foot Pedal For Time Crisis

Most Common Builds

2 Players Gun4IR Jolts or
Real 24v Time Crisis Arcade Guns
with Sliding Recoil

40watt Audio System
253 Games From Arcade, SNES, Wii, TeknoParrot and PC Games
i5, 16gb ram, 1TB M.2 SSD, GTX 3060 or Better


Other Options & Pricing

Aimtrak or NON Recoil Devices
Dell Optiplex with GTX 1650


55Inch ByVic Time Crisis Cab

2 Players 24V
Real Time Crisis Guns
with Gun4IR

120watt Audio System
Custom PC:
.2 SSD, 32gb Ram
RTX 4060

2 Metal Pedals


43 Inch Stallone Tribute Customer Cab

2 Players Gun4IR Jolts

120watt Audio System
i5, 16gb ram, 1TB ssd, GTX 1650


Go BIGGER! Check the ByVic Design For
Bigger Screen Option

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